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Trapano Magnetico M37 Auto


  • FE 37 AUTO

    Motor power: 920 Watt
    Min. workpiece thickness: 6 mm (1/4″)
    Max milling capacity: Ø 12 – 36 mm (2″)
    Max depth of cut: 51 mm (2″)
    RPM: 350 min-1
    Stroke: 70 mm (6″)
    Weight: 13,5 kgs
    Magnet power: 1000 kgs

    Auto-feed control system (dynamic feed speed adjustment)

  • Machine box of Magnetic Drilling Machine FE 37 auto

    FE machine with coolant system
    Safety strap
    Pilot pin
    Safety guidelines
    Users manual

    Cutting oil 0.25L


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